May 21, 2021|

JD 618 Grand Promotion to Mobilize Over 20 Million Workers along the Industrial Chain


by Vivian Yang

JD 618 Grand Promotion, China’s largest mid-year shopping festival will involve extensive participation of more than 20 million people along the entire industrial chain this year, supporting each of over 230 brands to achieve over RMB 100 million in sales and 120,000 mid-and-small-sized merchants to double their transactions, as released by Chen Lin, head of the ecosystem business of JD Retail at the shopping festival’s kickoff event on May 20 in Beijing.

Chen Lin, head of ecosystem business of JD Retail

A number of supportive measures with the aim to lower costs and improve operating efficiency will be provided to JD merchants to help them prepare for the upcoming sales season, including simplified store on-boarding processes, dedicated customer service solutions with doubled efficiency, omni-channel marketing incentives, livestreaming and other channel expansion support in nearly 200 industrial belts and more.

JD will provide traffic support and reduce costs of commercial tools on the platform. In addition, JD Could will offer multiple discounts and promotional activities targeting small-and-mid-sized merchants during the shopping festival, helping them to bringing down operating costs and improving digital operation capabilities.

JD will continue to push omni-channel participation by more and more merchants on the platform. During the shopping festival, brands that participate in its omni-channel plan will receive virtual rewards worth up to RMB one million-yuan, and traffic rewards up of to three million UV as an example.

According to Lin, over three million brick-and-mortar stores across the country will engage in the JD 618 Grand Promotion, enabling on-demand consumption available in 1,400 counties and cities. These include JD’s own offline businesses such as 7FRESH, JD super electronics stores E-Space, JD convenience stores, JD Auto Service, as well as a number of traditional offline merchants ranging from drug stores, convenience stores, and flower shops, to car maintenance stores and more.

To create a fair and transparent operating environment during the peak time, JD’s anti-counterfeit system has been providing support to more than 400 brands worth over RMB 100 million yuan on the platform. Meanwhile, JD’s operating risk prevention system provides real-time protection that has helped businesses avoid more than RMB 1.2 billion yuan of losses in the past four months.