Nov 23, 2020|

JD and FAW Build Smart Cars


by Ling Cao

JD Cloud & AI and FAW Haima Automobile, a subsidiary of Chinese auto manufacturer First Automobile Works (FAW) Group, are cooperating on Internet of Vehicle (IoV) solutions, in order to provide a smart auto lifestyle for China’s car owners.

Kevin Liu, head of IoV solutions at JD Cloud & AI said last week, “The cooperation with Haima is an integrated partnership from production to sales. We have tailored solutions for the new car series which enables JD’s services to be connected with Haima’s post-sales system. We aim to provide car owners with a fresh and worry-free driving experience.”

According to the partnership, the newly launched Haima 7X series will carry JD Cloud & AI’s IoV service solutions. Based on IoT, the cars will achieve inside car intelligence. There will be end-to-end solutions from a smart cockpit to connection with a cloud-based platform, enabling car owners to realize smart voice services based on AI, smart map, smart air condition control, as well as smart home, smart entertainment and post-sales booking. In addition, any purchase can be done via a JD car mini program.

Based on JD’s massive service ecosystem, car owners can not only enjoy the basic in-car services, but also expand to more areas, such as travel and lifestyle, as well as fast delivery services, achieving integration between people, cars and homes.

Leveraging big data and JD’s over 441 million annual active users and over 80 million car owners, JD can help Haima achieve precise marketing, creating a full-life circle operation solution. Additionally, based on JD’s e-commerce resources, car owners can also access JD’s Haima flagship store to book, purchase and handle car loans, making the whole process more transparent and efficient.

JD Cloud & AI has been accelerating the development of IoV initiatives, with its solutions already integrated into applications in Xi’an, Wuhan, Hainan and Beijing, promoting digital transformation for the automotive industry.