Sep 8, 2022|

JD Cloud Aims to Accelerate Industrial AI


by Doris Liu

“Only by integrating AI into the whole process of the industrial chain in a large-scale and systematic way to create industrial AI can a more leading industrial competitiveness be formed,” said Cao Peng, Senior Vice President of and Chairman of’s Technology Committee.

Cao made the remarks at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2022 in Shanghai, which was held September 1-3. He emphasized that JD Cloud’s Industrial AI capability is speeding up digital transformation of the upstream and downstream industries through accelerating their co-existence and opening-up by the integration of technology with the real economy.

JD’s AI technology was born within the company’s own businesses, with its industrial AI having been nurtured in the digitally intelligent supply chain. In the complex business scenarios of retail, logistics, services and more, has extensively applied AI to achieve an overall automation upgrade, cost reduction, efficiency and experience optimization.

For instance, as AI capability is applied along the supply chain, JD Retail is able to make precise predictions, make decisions intelligently and collaborate effectively among its 10 million self-operated SKUs under the scenario of uncertain supply and demand.

Furthermore, the procurement automation rate has reached 85 percent and the inventory turnover has been reduced to about 30 days, boosting the operation efficiency of supply chain to a world leading level.

In terms of JD Logistics, more than 400 autonomous delivery vehicles in over 25 cities across China have become a strong complement to JD’s last mile delivery. The automated ground vehicle (AGV) system called Dilang (Ground Wolf), which was developed in house, perfectly collaborates with employees in JD’s Asia No. 1 intelligent industrial parks, improving sorting efficiency by over three times.

As to services, the AI-generated marketing text function of the Yanxi (言犀) AI application platform currently covers more than 3,000 categories and subcategories, with a manual pass rate of 95 percent. The intelligent customer service system based on Yanxi’s AI capability can automatically answer 90 percent of inquiries.

The future industrial competition will not be based in one single business, but will be about overall industrial efficiency. JD Cloud also proposed the concept of the Industrial Metaverse this year, aiming to realize a full-chain integration of digital intelligence in the future., a supply chain-based technology and service provider, has been devoted to the knitting together and fusion of three networks, including a transaction network that covers around-the-clock omni-channel shopping scenarios, a warehousing and distribution network that serves nationwide and extends globally, and a service network that is enabled by intelligent technologies. It will join hands with partners across a variety of industries to bolster the development of the real economy.