Jul 15, 2022|

JD Cloud Unveils 16 Tech Products During JD Discovery Tech Summit


by Mengyang He

JD Cloud launched 16 tech products during JD.com’s annual tech summit JD Discovery (JDD) held on July 13, where it also showcased JD Cloud’s best practices applied across multiple industries, such as in retail, energy, urban, finance, industrial manufacturing, and more.

With an aim to reinforce the technological capabilities for digitally intelligent supply chain, JD Cloud unveiled its breakthroughs by launching engine, storage platform, and data center-related products, etc., which all fell under the concept of “cost, efficiency, and experience.”

The launch of Jing Gang 2.0

As the industry-leading software and hardware integrated virtual engine, the newly launched product Jing Gang 2.0 can accelerate by unloading virtualization to dedicated hardware, reduce virtualization loss to zero and greatly improve network and storage performance. Its storage IOPS and network forwarding performance can both be improved by 50 percent.

Yunhai, a unified storage platform independently developed based on the separation technology of storage and computing, breaks the limitation of integration of storage and computing, and reduces the cost of computing resources by 30 percent. The software and hardware integration of Jing Gang 2.0 and Yunhai enables the storage performance to improve by 10 times, and it has been fully applied to JD.com’s large-scale complex business scenarios.

Additionally, JD Cloud has been investing heavily in the research and development of data center-related technologies. During the summit, JD Cloud also launched the liquid cooling server, liquid cooling cabinet, and container data center. For example, it takes 3 to 5 days for the on-site installation of the container data center, and the data center’s total costs are reduced by 30 percent.

Liqiang Gao, president of JD Cloud

As of now, JD Cloud has been serving over 80 cities, 1800 large enterprises, and 1.95 million SMEs. “The next step of industrial digitalization is digitally intelligent supply chain. The most efficient way to push forward industrial digitalization is to adopt the mindset of supply chain management,” noted Liqiang Gao, president of JD Cloud.