Jan 31, 2024|

JD Health Launches Comprehensive Elderly Care Channel, Delivering Online Health Solutions for China’s Aging Population


JD Health has recently unveiled an elderly care channel on its app, aiming to establish a comprehensive platform catering to various healthcare needs for China’s aging population. This initiative is integral to JD Health’s goal of becoming the first portal for online health consumption.

The specialized channel is designed to offer a broad range of services, addressing eight critical aspects of elderly care. These include health monitoring equipment, daily living and nursing, assistance products for mobility and personal care, physiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatments, smart technology products tailored for the elderly, nutritional supplements and foods, medications for chronic illnesses, and home-visiting nursing care. This comprehensive approach reflects JD Health’s commitment to meeting the multifaceted needs of the elderly community.

A cornerstone of this initiative is the integration of JD Health’s “Family Doctor” program within the elderly care channel. This innovative program offers 24/7 health consultations, year-round health monitoring, and personalized advice for managing health and wellness.

JD Health has gone a step further to ensure usability and accessibility for senior citizens by offering services such as doorstep installation of nursing beds and hearing aid fittings, ensuring that the challenges often faced by the elderly in using these products are comprehensively addressed.

The launch of the elderly care channel coincides with the approaching Chinese New Year, a time when tradition encourages showing respect and love to parents and the elderly.

In response to JD’s recent initiative promoting the distribution of essential goods to underprivileged areas, Xiao Le, a Gen Z user of JD’s app expressed a wish in JD’s app to provide respiratory relief products to a nursing home on the outskirts of Beijing, a place where she had volunteered previously. JD Health promptly teamed up with brands and charity organizations, donating over 1,000 pieces of nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, blood pressure monitors, blood oximeters, heating patches, “JD Family Doctor” smart speakers, and other health supplies, as well as mobile phones for the elderly at the nursing home.

According to 2022 statistics from China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, the country’s population aged 60 and above has reached 280 million, with 90% of the elderly preferring home care. This represents a significant opportunity within the silver economy, one that JD Health is strategically positioned to lead and serve.