Dec 20, 2023| Debuts the National Pavilion of Colombia

Share: proudly announced the official launch of the National Pavilion of Colombia on December 19th, marked by a grand opening ceremony held at the Embassy of Colombia to China in Beijing. The country-themed online store is the result of significant support and backing from the Embassy of Colombia to China and ProColombia, and is a collaborative effort between JD Super, Prestige International, and several leading Colombian food and beverage brands.

Showcasing Colombia’s Premium Delicacies

Among the first products featured on JD’s National Pavilion of Colombia is the country’s national chocolate brand LOK, made from Colombia’s single-origin beans. Another highlight is ALTITUD1960 coffee, offering a unique osmanthus sugar flavor derived from Colombia’s famous coffee beans. Additionally, the pavilion showcases Dictador rum, a long-time favorite in royal circles.

Yusuf Ma, head of JD Super’s National Pavilion program, highlighted the intent behind this collaboration: “Responding to the rising demand for unique, high-quality international products in China, we’ve collaborated with partners who bring strong supply chain expertise. We’ve also received endorsement and support from embassies and official bodies to expand our selection of premium global products. Our goal is to deepen our cooperation with Colombian businesses, aiding their growth in China and introducing more Colombian products to the Chinese market.”

Promoting Trade and Cultural Exchanges Between Colombia and China

H.E. Sergio Cabrera, Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to China, expressed confidence in the initiative, stating, “I am convinced that this initiative will be a catalyst for promoting Colombia in China.” He added, “This project has our full support to promote our country’s products, culture, and, above all, to demonstrate the hard work and talents of the Colombian people.”

“We believe that the Colombian National Pavilion on will be a window for Chinese customers to get to know and fall in love with Colombia for its richness and charm, ” said Tina Yang, Vice Chairperson of Prestige International Trade Development Co., Ltd.  “Meanwhile, we look forward to further promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and Colombia in the fields of culture, art, and education, injecting new impetus into the friendship and cooperation between Colombian and Chinese people.”

Launching the Cocoa Farmer Support Plan

The National Pavilion’s opening also marked the commencement of the “Cocoa Farmer Support Plan,” a social welfare initiative by, in collaboration with Prestige International, LOK, and the El Alcaraván Foundation. This plan dedicates 4.5% of LOK chocolate sales to aiding Colombian cocoa farmers, improving their income and living standards.

The initiative focuses on promoting fair trade practices to ensure fair remuneration for 1,600 local cocoa farmers. It also aims to support cocoa farming families with children out of school, facilitating their return to education through subsidies.’s National Pavilion program now features over 110 pavilions, showcasing nearly ten thousand specialty products from almost 60 countries. In August, introduced its “Pavilion of Latin America and Caribbean” (LAC) online store. As the program expands, JD National Pavilions are set to unlock new opportunities for collaboration, benefiting consumers, producers, brands, suppliers, and their communities.