Aug 22, 2023| Launches “Pavilion of Latin America and Caribbean” Online Store, Celebrated by LAC Ambassadors to China


by Vivian Yang

On August 22nd, officially introduced its “Pavilion of Latin America and Caribbean” (LAC) online store during a grand ceremony at its Beijing headquarters. The event was attended by over 40 ambassadors and diplomats from 20 LAC countries to China, all of whom were highly enthusiastic about showcasing their nation’s unique products to Chinese consumers.

JD’s newly-launched LAC Pavilion features a rich collection of over 150 products. Highlights include premium CASO life coffee beans,; Lok, a renowned Colombian brand offering handcrafted dark chocolate with 85% cocoa; MONTES red wine from one of Chile’s top ten vineyards; Brazilian yerba mate tea in liquid form; famous Argentine steaks;  high-quality Cuban rum and Uruguayan beef ribs.

In response to the growing demand for Latin American coffee among Chinese consumers, the Pavilion introduced a subscription service. This service ensures regular doorstep delivery of fresh and authentic coffee beans, letting consumers savor the distinct flavors of Latin America and the Caribbean from the comfort of their homes.

In addition to physical products, the Pavilion also offers tourism-related products and services, such as travel packages and application assistance for LAC destinations. This joint initiative stems from a collaborative effort between the store operators, Zhong Ke Blue Dove Culture and Tumei International Travel, and the participating embassies in China.

“JD’s national pavilion initiative offers an excellent platform to present made-in-LAC products in the Chinese market, inviting consumers to enjoy the natural, healthy, colorful, and fun offerings from our region. Furthermore, by featuring tourism and various services on this platform, it opens a door for Chinese people to get to know our region’s incredible cultures and creativity,” said H.E. Fernando Lugris, Dean of Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries (GRULAC), Ambassador of Uruguay to China.

“We are committed to providing a curated selection of authentic products and serving as a window into the diverse culture of Latin America and Caribbean countries for our nearly 600 million active users on Leveraging our outstanding reputation and supply chain expertise, we aim to offer unparalleled shopping experiences marked by variety, prompt delivery, top quality, and exceptional value,” said Wei Ye, Vice President of has established more than 100 online stores, known as national or regional pavilions, for over 50 countries. Sales data indicates that during this year’s 618 shopping festival, the total transaction value from these national pavilions increased fourfold compared to the previous year. launched its first national pavilion in 2014 as part of its efforts to introduce quality products from around the world to the Chinese market. With almost a decade of growth, the program is now offering more than 5,100 unique specialty products from across the globe. These pavilions garner 1.5 billion visits annually, engaging over 10 million active users.

Reaffirming its dedication to delivering international premium products, has formed one of China’s largest professional procurement teams to curate premium products from around the world, including European wines, Thai durians, Chilean cherries, and New Zealand kiwifruits. These products are offered to millions of Chinese families with fast delivery and affordable prices.’s unparalleled edge also lies in its self-developed logistics infrastructure, uniquely positioning it as the only e-commerce company in China with its own internal logistics network. This provides comprehensive coverage across China, reaching nearly the entire population and ensuring same or next-day delivery for orders placed.