Apr 9, 2020|

JD.com Offers Customers RMB 1 Billion in Incentive Points

by Yuchuan Wang

JD.com announced on April 8th that it would offer RMB 1 billion in incentive points to drive nationwide consumption demand. All of JD’s registered users can exchange the points for coupons and redeem them on the e-commerce platform.

Also on April 8th, JD started round two of its “Buy Hubei Goods” campaign. Apart from the incentive points provided to customers, the company will leverage its marketing channels and tools including the JD Plus paid membership program, flash sales, and live streaming to continue supporting Hubei merchants and merchandise.

JD’s data shows that the first round of the “Buy Hubei Goods” campaign, held from April 1st to 7th, led to the sales of Hubei products increasing 106% compared with the same period in 2019, and 1,400 tons of fresh produce were sold during the campaign. Impressively, sales of potatoes, tea and smoked bacon increased 40 times, 21 times and 10 times as compared with the same period in March, respectively.

Brands from Hubei also saw a surge in sales online. Sales from snack brand Beststore and duck meat brand Zhouheiya (周黑鸭) increased 200% and 160% year-on-year. Cailinji (蔡林记), the 92-year-old Hubei noodle brand, saw an increase of 200% in sales on a year-on-year basis.

JD also announced on April 8th that it would invest more than RMB 6 billion in Hubei province over the next three years to support the recovery of Hubei’s economy and the development of local industry.