Mar 27, 2020|

JD Super’s Livestreams Foster Tea Culture and Drive Sales

by Tracy Yang

JD Super, China’s largest online supermarket, recently held its “JD Super’s Tea Festival 2020”, when tea sales increased by almost 100% during the peak sales day.

This year, JD Super engaged numerous influencers and experts to participate in livestreams to help improve Chinese tea enthusiasts’ understanding of tea. Participants for over 200 live broadcasts included intangible cultural heritage tea authorities and tea experts from major traditional tea brands, who focused on how to identify quality tea, how to make and serve it, and how to taste and appreciate it.

One of the most popular livestreams was a two-hour broadcast of Anhua dark tea hosted by Chen Canping, deputy magistrate of Anhua county, which attracted nearly 70,000 viewers and generated sales of RMB 300,000.

JD Super’s Tea Festival 2020

JD Super is always committed to providing the most authentic tea from early spring for Chinese consumers, focusing on improving delivery efficiency, ensuring tea quality and improving the customer experience.

The tea industry greatly values authentic origin, pure tea leaves, and the precipitation process, all which have helped traditional tea brands secure trust from consumers over time. JD Super has strict standards for selecting tea and provides tea brands with support in big data, traffic and operations. These act as the guarantor for Chinese consumers to access high-quality tea products on

In addition, JD Express has developed a supply chain solution for spring tea, including tea collection, packaging and delivery to tea gardens, reducing unnecessary steps to ensure fast delivery. JD Express also leverages highly efficient transportation resources, including cargo and high-speed railways to deliver the spring tea to Chinese consumers in 300 cities within 24 hours, rapidly delivering taste and freshness.