Apr 23, 2020

JD Mini Program Open Platform Seamlessly Connects WeChat

Apr 10, 2020

JD Big Data: Business Resumes Rapidly in Hubei Province

Apr 9, 2020

JD.com Offers Customers RMB 1 Billion in Incentive Points

Mar 27, 2020

JD Super’s Livestreams Foster Tea Culture and Drive Sales

Mar 26, 2020

JD Supply Chain Alleviates COVID-19 Impacts, Facilitates Industry Resumption

Mar 23, 2020

JD.com and Partners to Provide RMB1.5 Billion in Coupons to Boost Economy

Sep 27, 2019

JD.com’s AI targets your kitchen

Jun 5, 2019

JD Plus Members Gain Exclusive Benefits at 15,000 Hotels Worldwide

May 31, 2019

Mowi China and JD.com to Launch New Fresh Salmon Products in China

Jan 17, 2017

JD Ideal Marketing Solution Launches, Giving Brands Unprecedented Targeting Resources