May 7, 2022| Provides Supports for Shanghai’s Resumption of Work


by Vivian Yang revealed an array of supportive measures for Shanghai’s safe resumption of work after the city announced on May 5th that over 70% of its 1,800 key enterprises have resumed production.

Support for JD Merchants

At present, the total order volume from over 10,000 Shanghai merchants on has reached 60 percent of the amount before the city lockdown in early April.

To support JD merchants during this period of time, the company has waived a total of over RMB 200 million yuan of operational fees in order to ease their burdens to do business on the platform, which includes 3-6 months’ fees exemption for new merchants, free advertising resources for merchants of a number of selective product categories and more.

Since this March, JD Finance issued preferential policies such as deferred repayment and reduction of interest fees to more than 700,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in COVID-affected areas, with a total amount of nearly RMB 250 million yuan, including RMB 30 million yuan for about 55,000 small and medium-sized enterprises from Shanghai.

JD Logistics’ chartered flight from Beijing to Shanghai

To counter the risk of warehouse closure in certain regions resulting in goods unable to be shipped due to prevention policies, JD Logistics further consolidated its nationwide warehouse network which consists of over 1,300 warehouses and over 1,700 cloud warehousing resources for its merchants to disperse their stocks and provided new merchants with preferential policies for storage and delivery services.

By May 5th, JD’s on-demand retail services Shop Now and JDDJ have supported 50% of their supermarket partners in Shanghai and other COVID-affected areas to resume operation. By providing fast track onboarding process, online-to-offline sales guidance and sufficient delivery manpower, they are enabling more and more brick-and-mortar stores and providing “last three kilometers” delivery service to customers.

Support for Enterprises

JD Industrial Supplies and JD Business have made joint efforts to offer tens of thousands most-needed merchandises to meet the demand of enterprises as they gear up for production resumption, including goods for disinfection, emergency use, labor protection, office supplies and so on. Customized assistance measures have been provided to enterprises for product sourcing and delivery across the country, ensuring efficient interconnections and synergy on each link of the industrial chains.

In Shanghai, from April 1st to 30th, JD Industrial Supplies sourced and delivered more than 6.5 million items for over 600 enterprise clients across over 50 industries including energy, automotive, electronic manufacturing, engineering construction and more.

JD’s autonomous driving vehicles are deployed in several industrial parks including the one in Shanghai Jinshan district to conduct contactless delivery.

JD Logistics’ maritime line from Guangzhou to Shanghai

JD Health provided enterprise-faced healthcare product solutions including packages for virus prevention, employees’ healthcare and public emergency use, as well as telemedicine services, special medicine procurement, and supplies of antigen test kits, to facilitate enterprises to meet anti-virus requirements.

In the past month, has accumulatively delivered more than 80,000 tons of supplies to Shanghai mainly including staple food, medicine, baby and maternity goods and more. The company also delivered nearly 50,000 beds to several mobile cabin hospitals, sent in over 4,000 couriers and over 100 autonomous delivery vehicles, built more than 1,600 contact-less community pick-up stations, and transformed its just-finished, unused new warehouse in Shanghai into a mobile cabin hospital with over 2,000 beds.