Jan 10, 2018|

JD.com and UNDP Promote Sustainable Development in China

“We believe that this collaboration will enable us to achieve significant milestones in sustainable development.” —Agi Veres, Country Director of UNDP China

JD.com is reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development through an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The agreement, which was signed today at the UN Compound in Beijing, covers the use of JD’s e-commerce platform to promote public awareness of the UN 2030 agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China as well as other sustainable development and education efforts.

Areas of cooperation as outlined in the agreement mainly focus on responsible production and consumption. JD will work with the UNDP to explore the establishment of a sustainable recycling platform to connect previously segmented players and creatively address waste and pollution issues during the production and consumption process. By utilizing the UNDP’s global network and JD’s extensive logistics and big data resources, the two sides will also engage government, industry associations, and experts to explore innovative recycling methods. Launching campaigns to raise awareness of the UN SDGs, especially Goal 12, Responsible Production and Consumption, is also a priority. This week JD published a CSR report, which is in line with the SDGs.

“JD.com has been a pioneer in using e-commerce to drive creative, trackable and reliable donation and sustainability efforts, and we are pleased to partner with them,” said Agi Veres, Country Director of UNDP China. “JD’s efforts are closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we believe that this collaboration will enable us to achieve significant milestones in sustainable development.”

JD.com previously cooperated with the UNDP on Green Planet Sustainability Week, a campaign launched in October 2017 to encourage consumers to recycle and reduce waste. During Green Planet Sustainability Week, JD deployed couriers across eight cities to collect unused clothing from customers for recycling. That same week, JD jointly hosted a Sustainability Fashion Week in Shanghai, exhibiting an array of cutting-edge, eco-friendly apparel and accessories.

“We are honored to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals as we work to promote greater sustainability in China and around the globe,” said Rain Long, Chief Human Resources Officer and General Counsel of JD.com, chairman of JD Foundation. “Sustainable development has been one of our core values since our start and we continue to look for innovative ways to use our resources to benefit not only our partners but society generally. We look forward to working with the UNDP to shape a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

JD continues to expand its commitments to run its business sustainably. JD transitioned from paper to electronic invoices over five years ago, saving 1 billion sheets of paper in the last two years alone. In addition, through its efforts to “slim down” its packaging, JD saved enough cardboard to fill 6,000 soccer stadiums. In 2017, JD launched China’s trusted online donation platform, leveraging its e-commerce expertise and cutting edge technology to ensure transparency in the donation process. All donated goods are delivered by JD’s own logistics network.