Feb 16, 2024|

JD.com Wins 2024 Gartner Power of the Profession Supply Chain Award


On February 14, leading research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. announced JD.com among the winners of its “Power of the Profession Supply Chain Awards for 2024”. JD.com won the Process or Technology Innovation of the Year award for its “powerful planning technology that drives an innovative approach to resilient planning.”

The awards, presented by Gartner in four categories, including customer or patient innovation, process or technology innovation, social impact, and people breakthrough, highlight continuous innovation focused on enabling customers, developing talent, and driving sustainability. JD.com was the sole Asia-based company recognized by Gartner this year.

“This year’s entries demonstrated growth in technological innovations through the use of AI,” said Maria Nieradka, VP analyst in Gartner’s Supply Chain Practice. “At the same time, the number of submissions related to people-related breakthroughs more than doubled. It’s clear that people ultimately make supply chains work, while in many cases AI is helping them to work even better.”



Harnessing the power of probabilistic forecasting and explainable AI technology, JD.com’s intelligent supply chain team has engineered a robust planning solution. This innovative approach delivers reliable decision-making support amidst external uncertainties and rapid market changes. Notably, this technology significantly enhances supply chain flexibility, particularly during intricate shopping scenarios such as large-scale promotions, holiday seasons, and challenging weather conditions. In doing so, it has played an instrumental role in reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency.


JD.com’s highly automated “Asia No.1” logistic park 

Transforming rapidly from an e-commerce giant to a supply chain-focused technology and service provider, JD.com has made significant technological strides in supply chain arena. As indicated in JD’s 2023 third-quarter financial report, the company has optimized inventory turnover to just 30.8 days while maintaining a global leadership position with self-operated SKUs numbering in the tens of millions. Currently, JD.com boasts a procurement automation rate exceeding 85%, all while maintaining an average inventory availability of no less than 95%.

During the 2024 Chinese New Year Shopping Festival, spanning from January 17 to February 3, JD.com’s intelligent supply chain system generated over 620,000 decision recommendations daily. These recommendations proved instrumental in assisting brand partners and merchants with precise demand forecasting, production guidance, and inventory management, markedly boosting supply chain efficiency across the entire industrial chain.

As the exclusive interactive platform for this year’s Spring Festival Gala, hosted by China Media Group and broadcasted live on February 9, JD.com captivated users, amassing over 52 billion interactions on its app. Additionally, the platform distributed one million physical gifts through lucky draws during the 4.5-hour extravaganza.

Ms. Wang in Beijing received JD’s flower gift during the Spring Festival Gala

To ensure seamless gift distribution and order fulfillment, JD’s intelligent supply chain system integrates seamlessly with its expansive logistics network, comprising numerous “Asia No.1” intelligent industrial parks, along with hundreds of smart warehouses and sorting centers. This synchronization extended to over 1,000 air and rail cargo routes, spanning more than 100 airports, high-speed railways, and freight trains. This extensive network ensures that customers across more than 2,000 counties and cities nationwide enjoy a premium shopping and logistics experience during the festive season.