Dec 24, 2019|’s 7FRESH Launches SEVEN FUN Lifestyle Space

Share: has just launched the first of its SEVEN FUN lifestyle spaces in Beijing. The new concept, which is one of a kind in China, pioneers a unique combination of dining + drinking + social. Offering breakfast from sunrise, drinks into the late night and lunch, afternoon tea, snacks and even daily groceries in between, SEVEN FUN caters to all needs of busy professionals, serving as a third place, after home and the office.

Located in Galaxy SOHO on the second ring road of Beijing, SEVEN FUN is designed specifically to cater to working professionals aged between 26 to 45 in first tier cities, providing not just a space but a lifestyle.

As global consumers are shifting from going to the store to buy products to going to the store to experience products and buy services, delivering experiences has been essential for retailers to attract and retain consumers. This was some of the thinking behind SEVEN FUN. With an area of around 1,000 square meters (approximately 10,000 sq.ft), SEVEN FUN is a destination offering networking and fun, rather than purely a destination to make a purchase.

The inaugural SEVEN FUN in Galaxy SOHO offers more than 3,500 different products such as fresh food, baked goods, fresh flowers, and groceries. It also features 12 selected eateries selling international delicacies, including three bars offering wine, Japanese sake and craft beer. In addition to providing mealtime solutions to the approximately 200,000 working professionals within a one km radius of the space, SEVEN FUN also serves as a gathering place that offers band performances, themed parties and more. It can even be rented out to serve as a socializing or networking space for personal or corporate events.

The alcohol selection at SEVEN FUN is much more extensive than your average bar, with more than 300 different types of sake and over 1,000 craft beers sourced via 7FRESH’s supply chain offered over the course of a year annually at SEVEN FUN, making it the best place in Beijing for quality liquor. Professional sommeliers are also available to guide consumers through an experience commensurate with what might be expected in a five-star hotel, but at an affordable price.

“As a lifestyle retailer, SEVEN FUN is innovating the retail landscape in China,” said Jonathan Wang, Head of 7FRESH, “Through this concept, provides an unprecedented “SOLOMOME” (social, local, mobile and personalized) offline experience that serves as a pioneering model for future brick-and-mortar stores.”

As a brand under JD’s 7FRESH, SEVEN FUN offers a comprehensive omnichannel solution. Consumers can order anything in the store from the 7FRESH app to be delivered to their doorstep.

Future expansion of SEVEN FUN is expected to focus on tier-one cities, targeting working professionals with annual income of over RMB 100,000. It also adopts a partner model that encourages the core team of SEVEN FUN to become store partners. The ultimate goal of 7FRESH, the recently launched the 7FRESH LIFE community shop, and now SEVEN FUN, remains to deliver the best shopping experience for all kinds of consumers.

Consumers can order anything in the store from the 7FRESH app to be delivered to their doorstep.