Dec 27, 2019|

Highlight Reel: JD Technology Accomplishments 2019


JD has long said that technology would be a focus of the future growth of our business, and 2019 was no exception. Today, JD already has 18,000 R&D employees, many of whom hold master’s degrees or above. Furthermore, in 2019, we applied for over 3,651 patents covering technology solutions in a wide range of industries.

From ramping up our efforts overall with the establishment of the JD Technology Committee, to partnering with State Grid to apply our IoT capabilities in the energy industry, to establishing our Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain, technology development and leadership is at the core of our future growth strategy.

Some of the year’s highlights are:


Creation of JD Technology Committee

In December, we announced the establishment of the JD Technology Committee, the highest decision-making authority on all technology-related matters concerning the company and its affiliates. Bowen Zhou, Vice President of, President of JD Cloud & AI, chairs the committee. The primary goals of the committee are to continue to drive JD’s overall technology transformation and technology services strategy, to build up JD’s technology capabilities and talent base, to promote partnerships and exchanges, and to enhance JD’s influence throughout the industry.


JD Discovery (JDD) Conference

We hosted JD Discovery (JDD), our pinnacle tech event of the year. With over 4,500 attendees, JDD gathers industry experts from all areas of technology to discuss the most pertinent issues and developments in the industry today. This year’s event was at an unprecedented scale, and focused on technology-driven opening and empowerment. Learn more about JDD:


To Develop China’s National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation AI in Smart Supply Chain

JD was selected to develop China’s National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence in Smart Supply Chain, with NeuHub, JD’s AI Open Platform, as the core technology for the initiative.


Omnichannel Retail Transaction Platform

This year, we focused on transforming our retail technology systems to become more agile to better support online and offline transactions, maximizing capacity utilization at a low cost and high efficiency. Along this vein, just ahead of Singles Day we launched JD E-SPACE, a 50,000 square meter mega mall in Chongqing, China, focused on providing fully immersive experiences to consumers. Learn more about E-SPACE:


Retail Omnichannel Ecosystem Platform

We launched our retail omnichannel ecosystem platform. Leveraging big data and AI, the platform relies on JD’s omnichannel core capabilities, including supply chain, trading, and membership and marketing capabilities, to integrate different scenarios and address omnichannel consumption needs. This is helping support our larger omnichannel efforts.


Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain (OPDS)

We launched our Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain (OPDS) at our annual JD Logistics Summit. The goal of the platform is to enable players of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of an agile supply chain regardless of whether or not they have the resources to operate their own supply chain and logistics department. Learn more about JD’s OPDS:


E-Government Cloud Platform Granted Security Approval

As an IAAS cloud service provider, JD’s E-Government Cloud Platform was among the first batch of cloud computing providers to be granted security approval. JD has been actively deploying its cloud service in municipal services, with cloud bases and services available in more than 40 cities, including Nanjing, Xi’an, Suqian and Binzhou.


Promoting Energy and Cost Savings for the Entire Energy Industry

Applying JD’s industrial IoT (IIoT) capabilities to the enrgy sector, JD is helping the energy sector to modernize and increase efficiency, satisfying consumers’ daily energy needs, while helping businesses on their low-carbon transformation journey. Through the partnership, JD’s IoT solution will help State Grid build its own smart platform to manage its devices and meters, including electricity meters, power distributors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors and more with its smart IoT platform. Learn more about our partnership with State Grid:


JD Technology at a Bird’s Eye View

To get a sense of all of the technical elements that go into our business, take a look at the image below: