Apr 22, 2020|

JD.com’s 7FRESH Partners with 100 Fook Convenience Stores


by Ella Kidron and Yuchuan Wang

On April 21st, JD.com’s 7FRESH signed a strategic partnership with Fook, a Fujian province-based convenience store chain brand. Under the partnership, 7FRESH will open its fresh food supply chain to Fook to help the local retailer expand its product offering, develop and optimize its online business and realize omnichannel and digitized operations.

Friends Shop, the community group buying business under 7FRESH, collaborated with Fook as early as March 18th. The partnership already covers over 100 Fook convenience stores serving 500 residential compounds.

Fook’s 7015 Xinlong branch is one of the stores to implement the new program. “Since partnering with 7FRESH, we’ve newly added many fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry and other fresh produce,” said Qiu Huolian. “Having more fresh produce on our shelves has had an obvious impact on our customer flow. Overall performance has also clearly increased. Our busiest period is the afternoon rush hour,” he added.

Fook chairman and CEO Zhang Li said, “Fook urgently needs to transform to omnichannel development and digital operations, while 7FRESH has a lot of successful experience in this area. Since the very beginning, our cooperation has been very strong and mutually beneficial.”

Jonathan Wang , head of 7FRESH, said, “This cooperation is an important realization of 7FRESH’s omnichannel strategy. In the future, we will fully cooperate with Fook Convenience Stores to promote the brand’s comprehensive omnichannel and digital transformation. We hope that through working closely together, we can enhance our partners’ omnichannel capabilities, effectively meeting the needs of more users at the same time.”


(ella@jd.com; yuchuan.wang@jd.com)