Oct 14, 2021|

JD.com’s Seven Ways to Facilitate Elderly People in China


by Vivian Yang

The Chinese “Double Ninth Festival,” which is observed on September 9th on the lunar calendar and falls on Oct. 14th this year, is the customary time when people go to see their parents and show respect to elderly people.

Ahead of this year’s Double Ninth, JD.com initiated a shopping festival featuring dedicated products and services for elderly people, which will last from Oct. 11th to 16th. Here are some glimpses of the plan:

  1. 100 million+ products

During the festival, JD.com will work with leading brands from home and abroad including Panasonic, BY-Health, Tong Ren Tang, Mengniu, Yili and more to offer an abundant  of products favored by elderly customers and to meet their demand, such as thermal underwear, smart toilets, tea set, gold jewelries and more.

Furthermore, JD has developed a number of customized elderly-friendly products based on the C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) model in close cooperation with brands. These products include tailor-made cell phones and wearable devices, cooking oil, dairy and instant oat meal, etc that meets the dietary needs of the elderly, even countryside villas and more.

Some popular products among elderly customers on JD.com 

  1. Housekeeping Services

Besides products, JD.com has its self-operated home cleaning services based on an O2O model. During the festival, the service team will work with local residential communities across Beijing to provide free housekeeping services including cleaning their rooms, windows and household appliances.

A staff of JD Home Cleaning was praised by Mr. Ma, a Beijing resident for her cleaning service 

  1. Healthcare Support

JD Health, the healthcare arm of JD.com offers a full range of medicines and healthcare products that elderly people need via its online platform and offline pharmacies. Additionally, it also provides easily accessible and affordable telemedicine services with a center specifically on geriatrics, attending to both their physical and mental health. During the festival, JD Health has planned several health knowledge sharing and online medical consultation activities to serve elderly people for free.

JD Health’s elderly-friendly smart speaker that directly connects with its telehealth service

  1. Pet Care

Pets are an indispensable companion for more and more elderly people. On Oct 8, JD Health and JD Pet jointly launched JD Pet Hospital, an internet-based platform to help users access vets and healthcare supports with 24/7 response online and easy connections to offline services. The service aims to bring more convenient, reliable and affordable pet care support for pet owners, relieving elderly people’s burden to take care of their pets.

  1. Customized Shopping App

This May, JD.com introduced an App version tailored to elderly users’ needs, featuring a simpler interface, larger font size and easier ordering process. Additionally, JD Logistics created a streamlined mini program that makes it easier for elderly users to send and track transportation information of their parcels.

  1. Service Corners in Physical Stores

Shopping in physical stores remain the primary way for elderly people to get their digital products. In JD’s offline chain stores selling home appliances, digital products and more, staff have set up special service corners for elderly people on product demonstration, selection and usage guidance.

A service corner for elderly customers in a JD home appliance store 

  1. Smart Applications to Support Community Work

JD Technology is working with the local government in Tianjin to build digital systems including a database to better manage elderly residents’ information, a website to publicize relevant service information and a smart platform that can make phone calls to hundreds of elderly people daily so as to regularly check their status, send important reminder messages, detect risks and quickly respond to emergency alerts from elderly people’s homes.

According to the latest census in 2020, China has 264 million people aged above 60, accounting for 18.7% of the overall population. Among them, nearly 191 million are above 65, which makes 13.5%. In face of this fast-growing population, the consumption goods department of the Ministry of Industry of Information Technologies (MIIT) has been promoting the establishment of an industry system to produce more products that can satisfy the needs of elderly people in China. The shopping festival is the second annual edition JD has held under the guidance of the MIIT.