Feb 25, 2021|

JD Data: Chinese New Year Is Also Holiday for Pets


by Rachel Liu

Many Chinese people stayed in the cities where they work during the past Spring Festival holiday, together with their pets. JD data shows that sales of “pet gift boxes,” which usually contain multiple kinds of pet snacks, increased by nine times YOY during the Chinese New Year Grand Promotion.

Solid Gold natural cat food and Royal Canine K36 cat food saw the most drastic increase of sales during the holiday, with sales of the two products increasing by 600% and 100% respectively compared with sales before the holiday. Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Guangzhou became the cities with the fastest growing sales of pet food.

g sales of pet food.

Red pet clothes and travelling products for pets have also become popular among pet owners. Sales of red pet clothes increased 300% YOY on JD this Chinese New Year. As many pet owners wanted to take their pets for trips outside the cities during the holiday, sales of pet travel carriers increased by six times compared with before the holiday.

dog in red cloths

“Except for hanging out with my friends on the first day of the holiday, I spent other days to take my dog outside to have fun,” said Ms. Zhao who stayed at Beijing for holiday: “I want my dog to have a happy Chinese New Year too, so I bought a lot of pet snacks such as dry meat and fish to spoil him. I also bought red clothes and shoes for him when we went to skiing.”

Spring Festival couplets

Besides food and clothing, many pet owners upgraded their pets’ toys, bowels to bring holiday mood for their pets, and put traditional “Spring Festival couplets” on their pets’ kennels and litter boxes.