Feb 25, 2020|

JD Delivered Former NBA Player Yi Jianlian’s Donation to Wuhan


by Ella Kidron and Ling Cao

On Feb. 24, JD completed the delivery of 11,250 hazmat suits donated by former NBA and current Guangdong Southern Tigers player, Yi Jianlian from the U.S. to five hospitals in Wuhan. This follows a series of other efforts by JD Logistics to deliver emergency medical supplies from around the world to hospitals in Wuhan.

Following the completion of the delivery, Shenzhen Jade Children’s Public Welfare Foundation, who was handling of this donation, announced it on Weibo (in Chinese). Yi Jianlian forwarded this post on his own Weibo account, with the message (in Chinese), “We have confidence! #FightEpidemicTogether”.

JD Logistics leveraged its supply chain strength to arrange a special team to support transportation of the donation, including determining whether the products meet hospital standards. The team helped transport the donation from New Jersey to a warehouse in New York, and then to Shanghai. To make sure the products arrived as quickly as possible, once they were cleared through customs in Shanghai, JD Logistics used a combination of rail-land transport to get the products to Wuchang station, where they were quickly sorted by JD personnel and sent off for delivery to five hospitals in Wuhan.

In addition to the 11,250 hazmat suits, JD has helped institutions from the UK, US, Germany, Canada and Indonesia transport donations to hospitals in Wuhan. JD has also helped companies such as Unilever, Sam’s Club supermarket, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM), and China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited to coordinate international transportation resources, help with customs clearance and materials supply.

JD has also leveraged its logistics strength to help its cross border merchants with operations and logistics.

JD has also leveraged its logistics strength to help its cross border merchants with operations and logistics. To help them address problems such as resuming operations, inventory and logistics, JD has announced a number of support measures. Recently, JD helped an overseas merchant to fulfill 50,000 orders from Chinese consumers. JD also helped deliver hundreds of thousands of cans of imported milk powder from a brand in just two weeks, despite the lack of available transportation in the market.

To date, JD has already helped transport over 30 million emergency medical supplies, weighing nearly 10,000 tons during the coronavirus (COVID-19) period.


(ella@jd.com; ling.cao@jd.com)