Feb 26, 2020|

JD’s Friends Shop Partners with Tianfu to Provide Community Group Buying Service


by Yuchuan Wang

JD’s community group buying business, Friends Shop, has cooperated with Tianfu convenience store chain, a leading Chinese convenience store brand to provide easy access to fresh food for communities in Guangdong Province. The partnership integrates both companies’ online and offline resources and has now been implemented in nearly 200 residential compounds since launching at the end of 2019.

Through the Friends Shop mini program on WeChat, consumers can order products which will be delivered to the dedicated Tianfu convenience stores in communities the next day. Leveraging JD’s strong supply chain ability and Tianfu’s large offline store network with close proximity to communities, consumers can conveniently buy local fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as imported products such as cherries from Chile and black tiger shrimp from Thailand. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the program gives consumers peace of mind to buy daily needs products without to shop in densely populated areas.

JD’s community group buying business, Friends Shop, has cooperated with Tianfu convenience store chain

This initiative is an example of JD’s Operation Field Counsel (OFC) partnership model, in which JD uses its strength in retail innovation, supply chain and online operations to provide omnichannel services to regional partners. The partnership with JD.com already includes nearly 180 Tianfu stores covering 200 residential compounds in the city of Dongguan, with eyes on further expansion. JD will continue to further strengthen its OFC collaborations, helping partners significantly improve efficiently, penetrate lower-tier city markets and ultimately benefit nationwide consumers.

“Tianfu will accelerate the rollout of Friends Shop coverage in 2020, and gradually expand to cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou,” said Jinguang Guo, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Center at Tianfu Group. “Offline stores have a natural limitation in terms of inventory level and product freshness. JD’s massive product offering has helped expand Tianfu’s offerings to our consumers. For example, lamb chops and beef tendon from JD are quite popular recently.”

“As a retail enterprise with supply chain as its core, we hope to work together with our partners to get through these trying times leveraging our capabilities in supply chain, logistics and technology,” said Jonathan Wang, Head of 7FRESH at JD.com.