Aug 10, 2020|

JD Digits Provides Digital Technology for Beijing’s Second Round of E-vouchers


by Ling Cao

On August 8th, Beijing customers may get another round of new consumption vouchers (e-vouchers) via JD’s app. The 2.8 million new e-vouchers will be offered on August 8th and 18th. Two million are for offline restaurants and 800,000 are for smart devices. JD Digits has played important role in attracting thousands of stores to join this initiative, and arranging trainings for merchants to ensure that the consumption process is convenience.

Since the “Beijing Consumption Season” kicked off in June, over 4,000 brands have joined the initiative, covering over 10,000 stores. JD’s platform has helped make several million e-vouchers available in a few days. Behind the scenes, JD Digits has guaranteed the system’s stability and safety.

During the whole process, JD Digits has provided financial services-level risk control to monitor e-voucher verification and order placement. Through real name authorization, JD Digits has helped monitor potential transaction-related risks using password protection, special verification and more to ensure a user friendly and secure process.

JD Digits has leveraged AI, big data and the deep insights on the industry to provide analysis, smart control, marketing and operation service for traditional business, such as those on Wangfujing street, one of the oldest and most popular business district in Beijing, in order to help them upgrade.

Since now, JD Digits has served hundreds of millions of customers, over 700 financial institutions and over 30 public institutions.

Shengqiang Chen, JD Digits CEO shared that in the future, “digital technology will be the driving force for digitalization for the physical world.” He said that 5G will accelerate digital technology to be used in more dynamic and complex scenarios.