Apr 28, 2020|

JD E-Space New Products Launch Event is a Hit in Chongqing


by Ella Kidron

On April 25th, JD E-Space hosted a large-scale in-store launch event for new products in Chongqing, in Southwest China.

Some of the products launched include Lenovo ThinkBook Plus, Asus Tianxuan laptop, Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker, Lenovo ThinkPad X13, Thunderobot 911 Gaming Laptop, and Ninebot Electric Motorcycle. For many of the products launched, JD E-Space is the only place in the country to experience the products offline. In addition to the new products, E-Space also offered chances for consumers to play games and win prizes. The store invited a number of influencers to join in the event.

Customers on the ground floor of JD E-Space in Chongqing during new products launch event

Ever since resuming brick-and-mortar operations in early March, JD E-Space has employed strict protective measures in store, including regular, full-scale disinfection and supply of protective supplies for employees. When customers enter their store, their temperatures are checked before entering. As normalcy gradually returns to Chongqing, and stores are opening up one by one, JD E-Space is welcoming more and more customers into the store and hosting more events in store, all while maintaining the stringent measures to protect customers and employees. In the last few months, E-Space has placed even more emphasis on the online aspects of its fully integrated omnichannel model, hosting new product promotions and other events via livestreaming – a mode of connection with customers which became extremely popular during COVID-19.

Customer speaks to JD E-Space product representative

JD E-Space is JD.com’s 50,000 square meter mega experience store in Chongqing. It offers a full omnichannel experience where customers can either place orders online for pick up in store (for small-and-medium sized products) or place orders online for delivery to their homes (for all products). Its claim to fame is that customers can try virtually anything in the store.