Sep 3, 2020|

JD Guarantees 1-Day Delivery of Live Crabs to 200 Cities


by Yuchuan Wang

Hairy crabs have long been considered a premium delicacy in China, with demand for online delivery soaring in recent years. As one of the first e-commerce platforms to provide cold chain logistics for hairy crabs, JD has now pledged to ensure that customers in more than 200 cities across China will be able to dine on the tasty delicacy less than 24 hours after hitting “purchase”.

Called “Big Claw Crab” in Chinese, the freshwater cruastacean’s English nickname comes from its fur-adorned legs. Hairy crabs mature in the ninth and tenth months of the lunar calendar, with 850,000 metric tons harvested in 2019, according to the China Fisheries Association.

This year, JD Logistics has set up hundreds of collection points in over 20 hairy crab cultivation zones including the most famous locales for the crabs, Lake Yangcheng and Lake Tai, and established pre-processing centers in the cities of Suzhou, Xinghua in Jiangsu province and Panjin in Liaoning province. As a result, fresh crabs can be processed and packaged as soon as they are fished from the lakes.

In order to ensure speedy delivery nationwide, JD will use both airplane and high speed train to transport crabs. That means that even consumers from third- and fourth-tier cities such as Linyi from Shandong province will enjoy the hairy crabs within one day.

JD is committed to food safety. In addition to the 100% nucleic acid tests for aquatic products at JD, the company also applies blockchain technology to make the whole process of cultivating, fishing, sales and transportation transparent and traceable.

Among other attractive incentives to customers of hairy crab are JD’s policy that crabs are weighed without ties to ensure fair pricing. Additionally, JD also offers two live crabs in compensation for any dead one – the highest level refund in the industry; price protection through year-end, and more.