Jul 7, 2020|

JD Health and IWF Announce Strategic Cooperation


by Vivian Yang

On July 3rd, JD Health reached a strategic cooperation agreement with IWF Health, Wellness Fitness Expo during its Shanghai event. The two parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation to promote the development of the sport nutrition industry on the internet by sharing technology, resources and channels.

IWF SHANGHAI is the largest UFI(Union des Foires Internationales)-approved fitness tradeshow in Asia, organized annually in Shanghai. The event combines trade, training, forums and fitness competitions. As part of the cooperation, JD Health created a dedicated IWF online portal and hosted a summit on sports nutrition on site, attended by well-known domestic and international brands such as Muscletech, Viking Force, Betal, BIOE, AlandV, and Smeal.

“Now, every main brand on our platform has an exclusively designed product for JD, which accounts for 20-30% of their sales. The trend suggests that customized products will gradually become the first choice for customers in the future,” said Yue Chang, the operation head of the sports nutrition category of JD Health.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put gyms and fitness activities on a pause, subsequently posing a threat to the sports nutrition industry. JD Health has built up the most complete “Internet + Health” model in the healthcare industry with products and services covering the complete medicine supply chain, medical consultation, a variety of health-related scenarios and the full life cycle of user’s consumption. JD Health is capable and sees it as a responsibility to support the growth of the sports nutrition industry during this difficult time. During this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, the transaction volume of this category on JD.com increased by 102% YOY.

JD Health has already partnered with 90% of the brands in this category globally. Through these partnerships, JD can not only ensure the authenticity of the products on its platform, but also help brands create more customized products based on data analysis and insights.