May 8, 2021|

JD Health Launches “Family Doctor Insurance”


by Vivian Yang

JD Health launched its first health insurance product, “Family Doctor Insurance”, on May 8. The product integrates health management services into traditional medical insurance, placing the focus of insurance services on everything from claim settlement to disease prevention.

With this novel insurance offering, insured family members aged between 28 days to 70 years old, can get full access to JD Health’s “Family Doctor” telemedicine services for timely health advice and management support. At the same time, their medical expenses will be covered according to the insurance plans designed by JD Health in collaboration with insurance companies, such as Allianz JD and Fosun Health.

“Health insurance is a new use case where JD Health can leverage its ‘Family Doctor’ program to continue opening its medical service and health management capabilities to society,” noted Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health. “JD Health will cooperate with more and more partners in the future to build a complete ecosystem that includes medical, pharmaceutical and health insurance services, to bring more innovation and value to the industry and people.”

The product, starting at RMB 799 yuan and covers 2-4 family members as a package, provides pre-emptive support for health management. The “Family Doctor” program includes 24/7 health consultations with doctors online, easy access to high-quality nationwide medical resources covering more than 2,700 hospitals and other extended online-to-offline medical assistance.

Additionally, “Family Doctor Insurance” members can enjoy discounts on booking early cancer detection tests via JD’s platform. Moreover, they will be rewarded with shopping points (JD beans) on if they accomplish daily health-management tasks suggested by their family doctors on JD Health.

“By extending health insurance service to the front of the health management process, we hope this ‘Family Doctor Insurance’ will truly help many Chinese families to have less diseases, get earlier and better medical treatment, and avoid critical illnesses at an affordable cost,” Xin added.

JD Health’s family doctors team covers five main areas including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine with more expert support from 18 special medical centers which specialize in cardiovascular, psychosocial, diabetes, nephropathy, tumor-related diseases and more.