Nov 25, 2021|

JD Health Launches Online Psychiatric Service with Wuxi Partner


by Vivian Yang

JD Health and Wuxi Mental Health Center of Jiangsu province jointly announced the launch of online psychiatric treatment service on JD Health’s App on November 19.

The collaboration aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases through online follow-up consultations, remote consultations, online training, online expert team consultations, and more, by combining JD Health’s telemedicine and the Center’s professional expertise.

Nearly 40 doctors from the Center form the platform’s first expert group. On the day of the launch, Wang Guoqiang, the Center’s director of clinical psychology, led a livestream session to teach people how to care for their mental health in the face of long-term COVID conditions. Beginning on November 19, the two parties conducted a week-long free online consultation campaign to assist the public need.

Unlike other diseases, the treatment of psychiatric ones is less reliant on imaging and laboratory examinations and more reliant on doctors’ consultation and assessment of patients’ conditions, who typically require ongoing psychological counseling and treatment, which gives online treatment a big room to grow. It is especially helpful in a pandemic situation to reduce cross-infection.

JD Health’s “1+1” model, which entails adding JD Health’s internet hospital to each offline hospital’s existing self-built internet hospital, can significantly improve physical hospitals’ ability to upgrade their telemedicine services.

Wuxi Mental Health Center's internet hospital on JD Health's App

Wuxi Mental Health Center’s internet hospital on JD Health’s App

According to Xue Meihua, director of Wuxi Mental Health Center, the dual operation mode of self-built and co-built internet hospitals with JD Health is mutually beneficial to both sides, and it can help maximize the value of internet hospitals in order to provide more high-quality and convenient medical and health services to patients.

Jin Fangyi, general manager of JD Health’s department of specialized internet hospital, stated that the two parties will continue to explore new paths for the diagnosis and treatment of mental and psychological diseases through telemedicine scenarios, bringing together more diverse and premier medical resources and improving online and offline integration for better psychiatric-psychological diagnosis and treatment services.

Mental health issues have grown in prominence as a social issue in China. According to the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ “China National Mental Health Development Report (2019-2020),” the detection rate of depression among adolescents in 2020 is 24.6 percent, with the most notable anxiety felt in the age group of 18 to 24, indicating a diagnosis increase in psychological disorders among young people. Furthermore, the survey included in the report revealed a significant decline in people’s mental health compared to ten years ago, with as many as 45.9 percent of respondents claiming that their mental health has deteriorated.