May 10, 2021|

JD Health Taps into Male Disease Market by Cooperating with Dr. Wu Jieping Urology Center’s Operator


by Hui Zhang

JD Health signed agreements on May 8 with PKU Healthcare Tairan, a Chinese company committed to treatment in the medical field of urology, in which both parties will play their respective advantages to provide users with professional, systematic, convenient and private male disease diagnosis and treatment services, and cooperate with offline hospitals across the country to provide omni-channel services.

The overall incidence of male diseases in China is 51%, which means that about 361 million men in China suffer from various male-specific diseases, according to data released by the World Health Organization.

PKU Healthcare Tairan is the partner of Dr. Wu Jieping Medical Foundation and it is also dedicated to managing and operating Dr. Wu Jieping Urology Center. Both the foundation and care center were founded by Dr. Wu (1917-2011), a well-known Chinese medical scientist who had made remarkable contributions to the development of urinary surgery and medical science in China.

Through the partnership with JD Health, PKU Healthcare Tairan will share a team of over 200 professional urological and male disease specialists with JD Health, and provide professional medical trainings for JD Health’s physicians to further improve treatment quality in the field of urology.

From left to right are: Jianbo Xiao, general manager of the Internet Hospital of JD Health; Zhili Liu, general manager of PKU Healthcare Tairan

Patients with minor and chronic diseases can enjoy online consultation, follow-up prescription renewal and home delivery of medication on the Internet hospital platform.  Patients with serious diseases can choose to go to the nearest offline hospital to receive checkups, surgery and other services, after online consultations. Later they can also return to the online hospital for medication and follow-up during their recovery process.

“In the future JD Health will cooperate with more medical institutions and gradually extend the integrated online and offline service model to other specialized fields to provide more intimate, convenient and trustworthy ‘Internet + medical health’ services for the majority of Chinese users,” said Jianbo Xiao, general manager of the Internet Hospital of JD Health.