Jul 24, 2020|

JD Health to Build the 1st Regional Intelligent Drug Use Platform


by Vivian Yang

On July 23rd,  JD Health and Hebi City of Henan province announced an agreement to co-build the city’s medical service platform. The platform will undertake the management and operation of Hebi’s big data of medicine and provide several convenient and innovative services for the public, including drug use management, prescription examination, intelligent physique identification, and more.

Based on the medical service platform developed by JD Health, the “internet + healthcare” model will be deployed across hospitals in Hebi, enabling online and offline medical services including patient flow management, drug supplies, health management and family doctors to be fully integrated to improve resource allocation and service experience.

Hebi’s local people can have easier access to consult with nationally well-known doctors online through the internet hospitals on JD Health. In addition, the intelligent TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) physique identification system which is independently developed by JD Health has been embedded in the platform. People can fill in the online questionnaire for a systematic analysis and get their physique type report free of charge.

The intelligent drug use platform for Hebi is the first regional level application project empowered by the AI and big data capabilities of JD Health which cover all medical institutions across city, county and township levels. The information system is based on AI-powered pharmaceutical knowledge graphs and deployed on the city government’s cloud, providing connected medical institutions with online services such as drug use audit and drug rule review.

The platform’s drug use database and examination functions can provide real-time knowledge retrieval and early warning for clinicians to reduce the occurrence of drug mismatch and antibiotic abuse. It is also an intelligent tool for professional pharmacists to audit the input of the pharmaceutical knowledge graphs to ensure the accuracy and constant upgrade of the rational drug use system. Through big data monitoring and random inspection, local drug administration supervisors can achieve more scientific policy-making and orderly drug administration.

The medical service platform has become a benchmark of Hebi City’s “new infrastructure” project in the field of medical information technology, said a spokesperson of Hebi City.