Sep 17, 2020|

JD Health’s “Unprecedented Attention” to Drug Safety


by Hui Zhang

“Consumers attach much more importance to the reliability and safety of health products than other products,” said Enlin Jin, general manager of JD Pharmacy. “With that in mind, JD Health pays unprecedented attention to medical safety.”

JD Health is committed to the highest standard of drug safety, making full use of a world-class team of pharmacists and doctors, cutting-edge technology, and a strong supply chain and risk management capabilities to ensure peace of mind for online patients.

During the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, JD Pharmacy, the pharmaceutical business branch of JD Health, not only ensured the circulation and supply of drugs across China but also offered professional medical guidance and consultation through more than 50,000 practicing physicians on its platform. Of this extensive network of medical professionals, 300 work full-time, and most have more than 10 years of clinical experience.

To ensure the utmost safety of patients, JD Pharmacy divides drugs on the platform into six different categories: A, B, C, D, E and X, in ascending order of risk. For example, for drugs belonging to category B, the platform will control the prescription dosage and will provide patients with more frequent reminders on drug use, but otherwise take a lighter hand. Drugs belonging to the highest-risk category X, such as Tyronine, are prohibited from display and sale on the platform by means of sensitive word control and manual screening.

In the past, doctors relied on their knowledge and experience to provide prescriptions, resulting in different prescription standards and low efficiency in drug review. To ensure higher consistency and accuracy, JD Pharmacy applies big data and AI to analyze drug use and past adverse reactions to offer guidance to doctors prescribing drugs.

Patients will also receive instructions and safety tips via SMS or WeChat notifications, and have the ability to chat or message with medical professionals directly in the app—just one more way in which JD Health is committed to ensuring peace of mind for online patients.