Sep 17, 2020|

JD Launches Smart Express Station in Beijing Railway Station


by Yuchuan Wang

JD launched a smart express station in Beijing Railway Station on September 16th, in partnership with China Railway Express. As the first express station to open in the train station, it handles delivery of JD customer orders and also helps travelers and neighboring users ship products anywhere in China.

The station is highly digitized, utilizing an information technology system and automated sorting devices that can hugely improve efficiency, thus speeding up express delivery service to customers. In the future, it will also adopt smart shelf technology for automatic parcel management, stock checking and more.

In recent years, JD and China Railway Express have cooperated on multiple projects. For example, last year, the two parties launched high-speed railway delivery for fresh products, enabling 24-hour nationwide delivery of apples harvested from Beijing’s Pinggu district.

“With the continuous innovation and integration of e-commerce, logistics and the high speed railway network, the freight market is in great demand,” said Jian Cui from JD Logistics’ express delivery department. “JD will further strengthen its cooperation with China Railway Express to release more railway transport capacity and help the logistics industry increase efficiency and reduce costs, and provide high-quality and cost-effective express services for consumers and businesses.”