Apr 29, 2020|

JD Holds ‘Cloud Ceremony’ to Celebrate Frontline Employees


by Ling Cao

On April 28th, during its fifth “Frontline Employee Day”, JD.com held an online ‘Cloud Ceremony’ event to celebrate and reward frontline employees who have performed outstanding work during the epidemic. This includes 100 frontline employees and three teams, among which 18 employees have been promoted. In addition to promotions, JD also awards cash bonuses. These 100 award reciepients are among the over 500 frontline employees who have been  already recognized by regional operations.

“Frontline Employee Day”, JD.com held an online ‘Cloud Ceremony

Each of the frontline employees has a unique – and, touching – story. Jin Zhang, the truck fleet head for JD’s Wuhan Asia No.1 logistics park, led a team of 99 youths to guarantee the transport of needed materials to every corner of the epicenter metropolitan. Qibo Kang, another  courier in Kunming, made sure medicine reached a child with leukemia in time. Xuetian Feng, head of the JD’s cold chain truck fleet for the South China region, was leading the transportation task force during the eve of Chinese New Years. Liming Shang, a courier from Wuhan, made sure donations could reach local hospitals on time.

The three teams represent JD’s central region division, JD’s cold chain logistics team and JD’s emergency supply chain management team.

Zhenhui Wang, CEO of JD Logistics, said during the event, “Bearing the resposibility is the key. Couriers are one of the key reasons JD is able to maintain continuous operations during the coronavirus. They possess a great sense of resposibility. These 100 frontline employees today represent the 180,000 employees at JD Logistics. We celebrate each of our employees at this time, and we will do our utmost to make each of them feel respected and appreciated.”