Feb 8, 2021|

JD Home Appliance Stores to Stay Open During CNY


by Kelly Dawson

JD Home Appliance flagship stores have launched a New Year’s celebration event in which locations will stay open through the holiday across nine cities, including Nanjing, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Kunming, Bengbu, Ma‘anshan, Jiaozuo, Deyang and Xiangtan.

“We encourage customers to buy home appliances in stores or online at any time, night or day, and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling and interesting Chinese New Year,” said a representative of JD Home Appliance flagship stores, which are JD’s offline home appliance stores serving lower-tier markets. The stores are based on the idea that there are some products consumers prefer to see, touch and test before purchasing.

Visitors to the stores during Chinese New Year will have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes, lantern-making and flower arrangement classes, Spring Festival couplet writing sessions and more. Some stores will also participate in a lottery for free gifts including spring couplets written by local calligraphers.

A wide range of discounts will also be available, including coupons, old-for-new replacements, pre-sales for upcoming hot products and more. Customers can log in to the JD app to receive a RMB 50 yuan coupon for use at offline stores.

As many Chinese will stay in the cities where they work during the holiday this year, sales for home appliances have remained steady, with sales spikes for entertainment and other products, according to the chain.

“Many customers plan to stay at home for entertainment during this holiday, and we have seen a sales increase of video and audio products in store. Additionally, many customers will move to their new houses before the new year, so sales of home appliances also increased,” said a representative of the JD Home Appliance Flagship Store in Bengbu, Anhui province.

After-sales services such as logistics, delivery, installation and customer service will also run uninterrupted, as part of JD’s larger commitment to providing services through Chinese New Year.