Nov 14, 2020|

JD.ID Helps Indonesian Government Distribute Social Assistance Packages


by Martin Li

 JD.ID, the e-commerce joint venture of in Indonesia, has cooperated with the Ministry of Social Affairs in the country to provide and distribute 50,000 social assistance packages to communities which are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The packages consist of rice, canned food, edible oil, biscuits and milk.

Government officials visit JD.ID warehouse

On November 12th, the acting director of Social Protection for Social Disaster Victims, Adi Wahyono, visited the company’s warehouse in Marunda, Bekasi to observe the packing process.

During the visit, the director expressed confidence about the quality of the commodities provided by the company.

“We are pleased to support the procurement, packaging, and storage of 50,000 social assistance packages consisting of the nine primary commodities. We will ensure that every process runs perfectly, especially in terms of quality and authenticity of each product, which should be in line with the our motto, #DijaminOri (original guarantee),” said Sandy Permadi, CFO of  JD.ID, who also joined the warehouse tour.

“We also hope that, in the future, JD.ID can contribute more to other social activities, which can have a positive impact on communities in-need, especially those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Permadi.

JD.ID is widely known as a platform for authentic products in Indonesia.

The ministry will continue to carry out and monitor additional effective measures to ensure that the social assistance packages will get distributed instantly.