Apr 2, 2020|

JD.ID in Indonesia: “You Stay at Home, We Deliver to Your Door”


by Martin Li

JD.ID, the e-commerce joint venture of JD.com in Jarkata, Indonesia, has been encouraging customers to stay home by putting into place measures to guarantee safe supply and delivery during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

One of the key measures is to regularly increase inventory of products in high demand among local customers, including food, health products and medicine.

The company implemented a policy of “not just receiving it as it is” in its warehouses, which requires employees to carefully check samples of goods to ensure official distribution permission, clear expiration date information, suitability for use or consumption. Warehouse staff also routinely carry out quality control to ensure the receipt, storage, collection, packaging, and delivery of goods from the warehouse follow applicable standards.

Plus, the company adopted a policy of “concise, neat, clean, careful and digilent” to ensure warehouses and drop points stay clean and employees remain healthy. The measures include sterilization by spraying disinfectant before employees enter the workspace, checking body temperature, requiring all to wash hands or use hand sanitizers, and the use of gloves & masks in the warehouse at all times.

In addition to spraying disinfectant in all warehouse areas, the company also sprays it at all its drop points.

“JD.id has been established since 2016, and since then we continue to strive to provide the best shopping experience to customers and meet their needs. Together with sellers and suppliers, we aim to serve and meet the needs of the Indonesian people, even in challenging situations like this,” said Mia Fawzia, marketing head of JD.ID.

“We invite sellers and suppliers to support and promote government efforts, particularly in terms of controlling prices for products such as food, health products, medicine, and others. JD.id will routinely supervise this, to guarantee competitive prices. Furthermore, responding to the current government policy, we also want to encourage people of the entire community to remain at home, while we deliver to your door,” said Fawzia.

The delivery vehicles are also subject to regular eligiblity checks and cleaning before they are used to deliver parcels to either drops points or customers’ homes.

The company’s customer service team has been providing 24/7 service to customers, answering questions, responding to complaints and handling refunds.