Jul 20, 2020|

JD Launches Collectable Movie Card to Celebrate the Reopening of Cinemas in China


by Rachel Liu

After over half a year of being shutdown, the China Film Administration (CFA) announced that cinemas in “low-risk” areas are permitted to reopen beginning July 20th. To mark the occasion and promote the rebound of the movie industry, JD has launched a special card with coupons that also serves as a souvenir.

“The movie industry has suffered a lot since the beginning of the epidemic. That said, we have seen many customers convey their support for the movie industry, saying that they would buy tickets when theaters reopen,” said Huimin Hong, head of JD Movie: “We want to use this card as a way to acknowledge the tough times the industry has suffered this year, and to provide our customers a way to show their support. As the epidemic situation is improving, we have great confidence in the recovery of the industry.”

The card includes a souvenir stamp and two codes redeemable for two movie tickets under RMB 50 yuan, which customers will be able to order on JD. Only 2020 cards are issued and they have a 100-year expiration period. In addition, as CFA now requires customers to use their real name when ordering movie tickets, JD is upgrading its online ticketing  system.

JD started to provide movie ticket ordering service in 2012, and now the service covers over 10,000 cinemas in China, including leading movie cinema brands Shanghai Film Co. LTD, BESTAR, and more. In 2017, JD worked with highly discussed movie Legend of the Demon Cat directed by Kaige Chen on a cross-over marketing campaign. JD launched a themed day to promote tickets for the film. JDX, JD’s crossover fashion project, also designed a series of themed crossover products, such as clothes, accessories and pillows. The campaign was a form of marketing cooperation between a movie and an e-commerce company, completely new to the industry at the time.