Jul 21, 2020|

JD’s Smart Customer Service Can Predict Consumers’ Intentions


by Yuchuan Wang

Powered by AI technology, JD.com’s smart customer service robot is now able to predict consumers’ intentions. Announced this week by JD’s AI & Cloud, its “prediction engine” had played remarkable role in this year’s 618 Grand Promotion.

JD’s smart customer service goes beyond answering questions as of now. Leveraging the AI-powered “prediction engine”, it is able to “calculate” a customer’s question and match it with the best solution. In other words, based on real-time user behaviors such as browsing and clicking, the prediction engine can learn customers’ intentions.

For example, when a customer has just viewed order status, it is very likely that he will inquire about the delivery time; when a customer just ordered a large appliance, he will be highly likely to inquire about installation services; and if the customer just checked the latest price of his purchase, it is reasonable to assume that the customer will apply for a price protection guarantee (a service through which JD guarantees to pay back the price difference if a product is discounted within a time window) . As such, even before customers start typing their queries, the customer service robot can already predict their intention.

Once the customer opens the service window, before they have typed anything, the robot will predict the customer’s intention and display the most likely questions to be asked based on the customer’s consumption history and behavior:

When the customer is typing, the robot can associate their query with the most likely questions:

Predict the order that the customer is referring to:

Predict the next question based on the context and consumption history:

As China’s largest retailer, JD has been using chatbots to deal with millions of customer inquiries every day since 2013. Two years ago, JD.com launched its smart customer service robot that can not only understand customer inquiries but also detect their emotions. During this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, 90% of customer service inquiries were handled by smart customer service, which responded over 380 million times.

In addition to answering inquiries directly, smart customer service also serves as an assistant to human customer service staff members, providing real time prediction regarding inquiries and suggestions for initial solutions.

As a technology and service enterprise, JD has also opened up its customer service solutions to industry partners including China Unicom, West China Second University Hospital, Datong Municipal Government, and more. The technology drives the upgrade of traditional call centers and provide an easy and joyful experience to users.