Sep 16, 2020|

Yihaodian and DQY Join Hands to Offer High-End Eggs


by Rachel Liu

JD’s premium membership-only online store Yihaodian, the first online membership-only retail platform in China will partner with DQY (德青源) Ecological, the leading egg producer in China, to develop exclusive, high-end eggs free of chemicals, antibiotics and bacteria.

“We’re excited to form this partnership with DQY Ecological to provide exclusive benefits to our members,” said Tiger Dai, general manager of Yihaodian. “This is also a beginning for us to develop products for our own Yihaodian brand in the future. In fact, we hope that in the future 50% of Yihaodian’s products are unique and customized.”

Yihaodian will continue to develop tailored products leveraging JD’s strong supply chain system, big data capability and its professional buyer team, Dai said.

Yihaodian will continue to develop tailored products leveraging JD’s strong supply chain system

The partnership also represents a new approach for DQY Ecological, which has twice won the highest award in the worldwide egg industry, in 2008 and 2013.

“We have always attached great importance on the safety and quality of eggs, but to work with Yihaodian on customized high-end eggs is a fresh strategy for us,” said Daliang Zheng, CEO of DQY Ecological.

The store also updated its app this week, providing 30 free eggs every month for each member for one year, as part of the benefit for new partnership.

This August, JD upgraded Yihaodian, which was a B2C e-commerce platform primarily selling groceries. The new Yihaodian model is targeted at middle-class family customers who want affordable high-quality products.

Yihaodian’s upgrade is part of JD’s larger strategy to not only target “down” to lower-tier city customers, but to also target “up” to higher-income customers seeking a premium shopping experience.