Oct 17, 2017|

JD Launches Unmanned Convenient Stores with Fully Integrated Offline Retail Solutions


JD reveals two models of unmanned convenient stores, providing flexibility and customized shopping options

Ahead of this year’s Single’s Day, Chinese largest retailer has revealed that it is already testing two unmanned smart store models. The different solutions being tested by JD will help store owners increase efficiency and significantly improve customer service.

One model, JD’s Unmanned Convenience Store, offers a complete solution integrating various smart technologies. The second model, JD’s D-Mart Smart Store Solution offers low-cost wholesale and piecemeal customization flexibility to allow store owners to upgrade their existing stores and increase efficiency.  Both models leverage facial recognition technology to facilitate shopping and payment so users don’t have to wait in checkout lines.

The stores are currently being tested with JD’s 10,000+ employees at its headquarters in Beijing.

JD’s Unmanned Convenience Store Thermal Tracking

JD’s Unmanned Convenience Store, developed by JD’s logistics innovation lab JDX, is powered by technology and algorithms developed entirely in house. It focuses on leveraging the latest cutting edge technology such as RFID, facial recognition, and image recognition, both to stores operated by JD, and eventually to high-quality third-party retailers. Cameras on the ceilings of the stores can recognize customers’ movement and also generate heat maps of the activity to monitor traffic flow, product selection and customer preferences, helping store owners to stock efficiently.

The D-Mart Smart Store Solution, developed by JD’s AI department, offers a low-cost option for store owners to significantly upgrade existing operations, painlessly. Complete with smart shelving tools using JD Smart Vision technology that can recognize products and in-store behavior, as well as AI, the solution helps store owners better gauge how to manage inventory and product displays. Additionally, store owners can choose to include a smart counter, which offers product recognition, bill generation and checkout. A smart advertisement screen in the store leverages facial recognition to show customized advertisements based on individual users’ shopping habits and demographics.

Smart solution for identifying products

Song Ma, Vice President of JD.com said, “These two smart-store solutions will completely change what it means to go to take a trip to the store. From helping small stores owners streamline their supply chains and increase stocking efficiency, to speeding up check out, this is a massive jump beyond anything in use today.”

JD has been researching innovative solutions to transform all facets of retail. In addition to the unmanned stores, JD is also testing smart solutions in its own JD Retail Experience Shops. Moreover, the company recently entered into a strategic partnership with Sinopec to integrate smart technology into Sinopec’s gas stations across China.