Oct 12, 2021|

JD News Roundup Vol. 21: Telemedicine for Pets, Blockchain and More


JD News Roundup Vol. 21

(September 13-October 9)

Welcome to volume 21 of our 2021 weekly digest. Here we consolidate a selection of JD news and give context on why it matters. If you have any questions or topics you are hoping we will explore, please email press@jd.com.





Telemedicine for Pets

JD Health, the healthcare arm of JD.com, is extending its telehealth services from humans to pets. On October 8th JD Health and JD Pet launched an O2O healthcare service platform called “JD Pet Hospital,” which covers the entire lifetime of pets from disease prevention and diagnosis to comprehensive health management.

To date, over 3,000 veterinarians have registered on JD Pet Hospital. They provide 24/7 online pet health consultation services through text, images and video calls.



JD Mall 

In the next step for JD’s omni-channel expansion, the company launched the “JD MALL” brand, an upgraded version of its E-Space omni-channel retail experience store, on September 14th. The first location is in Xi’an, with an area of 42,000 square meters and offering 200,000 items from over 150 domestic and international brands.

In addition to being able to visit the store to experience products in person, consumers can place orders and arrange swift, convenient delivery through the official WeChat Mini Program by scanning QR codes on in-store items.

JD Welcomes Niche Fashion Brands

As youngsters account for more and more luxury consumption in China, JD.com has welcomed a series of niche fashion brands targeting this demographic, including WOOYOUNGMI, both, Etudes, and Guidi to open their flagship stores on JD.com.

Ruder Finn and Consumer Search Group’s China Luxury Forecast 2021 shows that GenZers have become the backbone force for luxury consumption in China. During JD’s 618 Grand Promotion in 2021, the number of GenZers that made purchases surged 231%.



JD Opens Xinjiang Logistics Park

JD Logistics launched an Asia No. 1 smart logistics park in Urumqi, Xinjiang on Sep. 29th. With an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, it is the autonomous region’s first and largest smart logistics park. The park is estimated to process as many as 1.2 million items daily, and will enable 80% of JD’s orders in Urumqi to be fulfilled within 24 hours.



JD’s E-space Store Opens Doors in Jakarta 

JD.ID, JD.com’s e-commerce joint venture in Indonesia, inaugurated JD.com’s first overseas E-Space store, JD.ID Electronic Store, in Jakarta on September 14th. The nearly 1,300-square-meter store offers thousands of types of products from various brands of smartphones, gadgets, laptops as well as brands of home appliances, home living and furniture.

Additionally, the store provides experiential areas such as a gaming area and smart home area for consumers to enjoy various store and brand events.

JD Central Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

JD CENTRAL (JDC), JD.com’s e-commerce joint venture in Thailand, celebrated its third anniversary on September 28th. In 2020, JD CENTRAL saw an increase of 170% in terms of GMV (gross merchandise volume) compared with 2019, and in the past year has become the highest rated e-commerce app in Thailand on Google Play.



JD’s Blockchain-based Digital Contracting Services 

JD Technology kicked off a new round of promotion of its digital contracting services on September 17th, aiming to bring the blockchain-based technology to more SMEs and support them to go paperless in business operation.

To date, JD’s digital contracting platform has assisted on managing over 4 billion contracts for more than 500,000 enterprise users. If a contract uses 10 sheets of A4 paper on average, the platform has accumulatively saved 40 billion pieces of paper so far, which equates to the save of 13 million trees and reducing more than 4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.