Jun 21, 2022|

JD Property’s Logistics Network Spans Nationwide in China


by Xiaoqian Han

During the peak 28-hour period of this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, trucks loaded with merchandise left JD.com’s Asia No. 1 Logistics Park in Beijing every 2 seconds on average.

JD Property currently operates 56 intelligent parks with a total area of more than 13 million square meters nationwide. JD Property’s modern warehousing network spans 29 provincial-level administrative regions and includes first- and second-tier cities, transportation hubs, and manufacturing enterprises.

JD.com’s Asia No. 1 Logistics Park

Projects in Guangyang (Hebei province), Xiaohe (Shanxi province), and Jiaozhou (Shandong province) were finished and developed during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion. The JD Property Intelligent Logistics Park projects in Zhangjiagang and Taihu (Jiangsu province), Gu‘an (Hebei province), and Majuqiao (Beijing) were also officially launched at the same time.

JD Property in Dongguan (Guangdong province) provides cold-chain storage services for Fresh Life, a New Hope Group subsidiary that may help fulfill its ice cream and frozen food services throughout Guangdong province. The daily goods of Xingsheng are supplied from the fresh food warehouses in Nanchang (Jiangxi province) to the pre-network warehouses in the city in collaboration with JD Property, and each pre-network warehouse may serve 6 to 10 communities. Yonghui Superstores provide cargo storage and transportation services in Xiamen (Fujian province) with the use of JD property warehousing facilities, supporting its local retail network.

JD Property projects in Jiaozhou, Shandong province

Due to the high-quality site selection and superior transportation accessibility, JD Property have effectively helped enterprises reduce operating costs and greatly improve circulation efficiency, in order to meet the further improvement and upgrading of ecosystem partners’ logistics systems.

In the past ten years, JD.com’s logistics and distribution efficiency have considerably improved, and it has also created the ultimate online consumption experience. At the same time, with the in-depth integration of online and offline, JD property has also combined the warehousing network and the physical store network of partners to realize “dual network synergy”, which further improves the service experience of physical stores by accelerating the timeliness of logistics network experiences.