Jan 21, 2021|

JD Publishes White Paper on Future Technology Trends


by Ling Cao

JD.com has published a white paper on future technology trends on Jan. 21st, which describes five key technology trends in AI, IoT, blockchain, automated system, and next-generation technology. It introduces JD’s technology applications in retail, healthcare, logistics, finance and smart cityand shows how JD’s efforts in building digital intelligent supply chain infrastructure based on the industrial internet has been put into use.

JD first raised its digital intelligent supply chain concept at the company’s 4th annual tech summit, JD Discovery (JDD), held on Nov. 25, 2020 in Beijing. The concept revolves around three primary themes: Digitalization and intelligence, online-offline integration, and the strengthening of industry infrastructure. At JDD conference, JD’s CSO Dr. Jon Liao characterized JD’s next steps in supply chain development with a “5D” principle. He said supply chain should be constructed around deep tech, deep connectivity, deep data, deep intelligence and deep purpose. The white paper further elaborates on these ideas.

At JDD, Liao said, “JD eyes three long term objectives for the digital intelligent supply chain infrastructure: 1) Empower the retail economy, covering 1.5 billion customers across the globe and nearly 10 million enterprises, 2) improve efficiency among industries and help clients reduce inventory turnover rate by 30% on average and lower the costs of society’s logistics costs to less than 10%, and 3) promote environmentally friendly programs. JD aims to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 compared with 2019.”

Yiming Wang, vice chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) and former vice president of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) said of the future of supply chain development: “The digitalization and intelligence of supply chain is important for building a new development landscape, something that should be considered as a major task for enterprises.”

The paper pointed out that in the ten years, machine learning, machine vision, NLP under AI will achieve key breakthroughs, so as to enhance the reliability of AI. While with the rapid development of 5G and edge computing, IoT will be more popular.

Dr. Bowen Zhou, Chair of JD Technology Committee, IEEE Fellow said, “JD has already formed a technology system based on intelligent and digital supply chain, as well as opened up to third parties, to continuously optimize cost and efficiency.”

In the application case studies mentioned in the whitepaper, JD has applied omnichannel and C2M(Customer-to-Manufacturer) in smart retail sector.

In smart healthcare, JD aims at building a full life cycle healthcare management platform based on medical and healthcare supply chain and services.

In smart logistics, JD has applied technologies in warehousing and delivery, serving for not only JD’s internal business, but also partners beyond JD.


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