Jan 21, 2021|

JD Worldwide Welcomes Sri Lanka National Pavilion


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide welcomed the launch of the Sri Lanka National Pavilion on Jan. 21.

Sri Lanka National Pavilion will focus on providing the most iconic and high-quality products from the country, including gems, black tea and spicy products. The Sri Lanka National Pavilion will also focus on the popular gold coconut water and gold coconut slices from the country to bring the most special products to Chinese consumers. Besides shopping for exotic products, customers can also learn about the culture from the beautiful country.

Among the distinguished guests who joined the launch ceremony were Dr. Palitha T. B Kohona, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China; Mr. Alexi Gunasekera, Commercial Minister of Embassy of Sri Lanka in China; Ms. Jessica Han, Commercial Officer of Embassy of Sri Lanka in China; and Larry Lee, Vice President of JD.com.

“For Sri Lanka, China is a massive opportunity, and we would like to continue to enter the Chinese market to a greater extent than what we are doing now,” said Dr. Kohona. “Sri Lanka sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean; therefore, it provides some of the most lucrative supply chains and markets that the world has ever seen. JD is doing remarkably well in the Chinese market as well as the international market. We hope our collaboration with JD can benefit both of our sides.”

Lee also expressed excitement about the launch. “We are honored to know that it is the first online National Pavilion of Sri Lanka in China authorized by the embassy. Under the guidance of Ambassador Kohona, a veteran diplomat and expert on international trade, and the joint effort by the embassy and JD Worldwide, I am sure the Sri Lanka National Pavilion will have a great future.”

During the China International Import Expo held in Shanghai in November 2020, JD Worldwide and the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China signed the agreement to jointly develop the National Pavilion on JD. JD’s capabilities in logistics, finance, supply chain and marketing have provided easy access for Sri Lankan brands to enter the Chinese market.

National Pavilion is an important project for JD Worldwide to introduce overseas products and culture to Chinese consumers. In November 2020, JD Worldwide launched the Peru Pavilion focusing on health supplements, alpaca products and quinoa. JD Worldwide will continue to optimize its quality control, after sale service and international logistics, to support more countries and international brands to expand their opportunities in China.