Jun 5, 2020|

JD Travel: Sales of Leisure and Hotel Package Increased Significantly


by Vivian Yang

As the weather and the COVID-19 situation get better in China, travel has come back on people’s agendas. Data from JD Travel shows that sales of scenic area tickets on the first two days of 618 increased by 298%.

Sales of admission tickets for amusement parks rose by 437% compared with the same period last year. Sales of suburban amusement tours increased by 153%, in which sales were up 300% in several scenic destinations areas in Beijing, Xinjiang, Yunnan, etc.

Hotel room/night sales went up by 106%, and hotel stay/entertainment package sales were 6 times more than the same period last year. Domestic flight tickets sales were up 172%, while mobile payment services surpassed 427%.

JD Travel is part of JD’s Life & Services business group. Other services include automotive maintenance, online real estate purchase, online auction and fresh flowers booking. With over 100,000 products from 30,000 well-known brands offered online which in turn activate over a million offline business, JD Life & Services is providing a variety of promotions during 618, many of which represent more than 50% discounts.

The growth of consumption of daily life services signifies the beginning of an overall economic recovery. JD Life & Services for consumers is playing an active role in integrating online and offline, and retail and services, to meet customers’ needs and comprehensively improve their shopping experience.