Apr 15, 2021|

JD Worldwide and TMG Announce Cooperation


by Martin Li

JD Worldwide and Taihe Music Group (TMG), a music label and service provider in China, announced a cooperation based on JD Worldwide Star Selection’ project on Apr. 15.

JD’s “Star Selection” project is aimed at connecting foreign brands with entertainment celebrities and KOLs to develop a new retail ecosystem. TMG opened an international store on JD Worldwide on Apr. 15, which marked the sixth anniversary of JD Worldwide. Based on the store, TMG’s stars will promote quality imported goods. Consumers can also have access to coupons and tickets to music festivals organized by TMG.

Han Rui (left), vice president of JD.com and head of JD’s V business group, signed a partnership agreement with Wang Fan(right), vice president of Taihe Music Group at JD Headquarters today

JD Worldwide announced in March that it planned to cooperate with 160 entertainment celebrities or IPs in 2021 based on the “Star Selection” project.

Rapper Lil Milk performs at the Live Show held by JD and Taihe Music Group

Based on the cooperation, JD Worldwide and TMG will work together to explore a new commercial cooperation model of music products and services on the JD Worldwide e-commerce platform.

“Joining JD Worldwide’s ‘Star Selection’ project will bring us long-term benefits,” said Hu Yiyou, vice president of TMG.  He added: “TMG will explore new channels and create a new lifestyle combing e-commerce and music by involving stars, performances, livestreams and brands. In the future, we can further tap into more commercial value.”

Han Rui makes a speech during the Live Show

“Since its establishment, JD Worldwide has been exploring new possibilities for e-commerce of imported goods. ‘Star Selection’ project is one of these important explorations,” said Han Rui, vice president of JD.com.