Dec 2, 2020|

JD Worldwide Saw Sales Surge for Food and Makeup during Black Friday


by Rachel Liu

Black Friday has become a shopping festival of imported products in China. Chinese customers are looking for products from all over the world. On November 27th, sales of JD Worldwide increased 194% YOY. On JD Worldwide’s Super Category Day on November 26th, sales increased 128% YOY.

Makeup and self-care products are very popular among imported products. Sales of imported makeup products increased 4 times YOY. Sales of self-care products increased over 180% YOY. Shiseido, Sulwasoo and Dr. Jart+ are the top three most popular makeup brands. Kao, Shiseido and Ryo are the top three most popular brands in the self-care category. Additionally, sales of imported luxury bags and suitcases increased 93% YOY.

Imported food, maternal & baby products and health supplements are also hugely welcomed by customers. Sales of imported products in the food category increased nearly four times YOY. The top three best-selling brands are infant milk powder brand Maxigenes, Devondale and Nestlé. Sales of health supplements increased 108% YOY, with GNC and Swisse becoming the leading brands in sales.

Apart from making Black Friday a sales carnival, JD Worldwide has also promoted the culture and lifestyle behind the shopping event to Chinese consumers. Pianist Lang Lang and his wife Gina Redlinger, brand ambassadors of JD Worldwide, made a short film specifically for the Black Friday promotion.



“We noticed some interesting trends during this Black Friday promotion,” said Frank Yu, general manager of marketing and operations, JD Worldwide. “Apart from the previously popular imported categories, such as makeup and healthcare, more ‘niche’ categories are becoming popular, such as toys, medical products and pet products. Sales of imported toys increased over 20 times compared with last Black Friday. More customers are shopping through livestreams and interaction games. With the pandemic keeping customers from shopping overseas, cross-border ecommerce platforms have become their preferred choices.”