Apr 14, 2023|

JD Worldwide Unveils Initiatives to Empower and Safeguard Emerging Cross-Border Brands in the Chinese Market


by Vivian Yang

JD Worldwide, JD.com’s cross-border e-commerce platform, unveiled two new initiatives on April 14 in Beijing during its eighth-anniversary celebration and brand partner gathering. The initiatives aim to accelerate the development of emerging international brands in the Chinese market and strengthen imported product authenticity controls, reaffirming JD Worldwide’s dedication to being the go-to gateway for global brands entering China.

The “FIRST2.0 Plan” will focus on identifying and gathering trending products, with a special emphasis on high-quality boutique brands in the skincare, haircare, and cosmetics categories. By allocating resources to supply chain, branding, marketing, and other areas, JD Worldwide aims to support these brands’ market growth and satisfy consumers’ ever-changing needs.

JD Worldwide Upgardes Duty Free Business to Unleash Demand for Imported Goods

JD Worldwide’s exhibition at 2022 China International Consumer Products Expo in Hainan 

According to the 2023 Report on Consumption Trends of Cross-Border Imported Products recently published by JD’s Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute, self-care bathroom products, specifically scalp treatments for thinning hair, as well as eco-friendly skincare and cosmetics, are among the fastest-growing imported products favored by consumers on JD Worldwide.

In addition, JD Worldwide launched the “Great Wall Authenticity Guarantee Plan” in collaboration with various testing institutions, including the China Certification & Inspection Group and the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, among others. This plan offers in-warehouse identification services to over 1,000 brands, adding an extra layer of authenticity assurance to cross-border imported products.

Supermodel Liu Wen, the brand ambassador of JD Worldwide 

Currently, more than 20,000 international brands operate cross-border online stores on JD Worldwide, with nearly 100 brands achieving over RMB 100 million in sales in 2022. JD.com has also welcomed nearly 50 countries to open their national pavilion online stores, providing nearly 600 million active JD users with an innovative shopping experience and an array of premium country-of-origin products.

Earlier this year, JD Worldwide further optimized its operating system to make it more user-friendly for merchants worldwide. These merchants can now take advantage of JD Logistics’ comprehensive global infrastructure, including transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and other services, to manage shipments more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Group photo of JD Worldwide’s best  brand partners in 2022 

By November 2022, JD.com reported procuring RMB 500 billion yuan worth of imported products within three years, surpassing its initial goal of RMB 400 billion set in 2019.

JD Worldwide also plans to continue exploring opportunities in omnichannel retail, offline duty-free stores, direct sourcing, and other strategies to assist international brands in tapping into the vast Chinese market and improving customers’ cross-border shopping experiences.