Aug 26, 2020|

JDD Readies Integrated Services to Drive Financial Digitization


by Martin Li

 JD Digits (JDD) readies integrated services to drive digitization of financial industry, Shengqiang Chen, CEO of JDD, spoke at a financial asset management technology industry  forum held in Shanghai on Aug. 25th.

 Digitization has become a shared trend across industries in the past year, driven by new technology, economic slowdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. The financial industry is leading the digitization process, according to Chen.

JDD CEO Shengqiang Chen speaks at the  in Shanghai on Aug.25th

JDD CEO Shengqiang Chen speaks at the  in Shanghai on Aug.25th

“Digital transformation is at the core of future business models for financial institutions. It’s the foundation of strategy and business. The transformation requires digitization of basic technology, applied technology, business and scenarios,” said Chen.

 In response to the increasing demand for digitization in the financial industry, JDD has developed services integrating technology, industry know-how and ecosystem building capabilities.

“Digitization can bring financial industry and other industries closer, providing new growth scenarios for the financial industry and giving industries better access to financial services,” said Chen.

JDD has built two service systems for financial digitization, namely the T1 Financial Cloud and the JT² Asset Management Technology Platform. The JT² platform is aimed at helping financial institutions increase efficiency and facilitating cross-market-product-institution trade by better connecting capital and assets.

The two systems, coupled with JDD’s self-built digital finance scenarios, can provide financial institutions with services integrating digital technology and business. Financial institutions are expected to achieve growth from them both internally and externally.

“Digitization is a process and can’t be achieved overnight. It is still common for financial institutions to co-develop digitization with digital technology companies which have the industry scenario and user know-how, as well as operations capability,” said Chen.

Chen added that, JDD’s integrated services can also support industries beyond finance and connect more industries and scenarios, including retail, travel, agriculture, education, and intelligent cities.

“The reason we want to extend our services to more industries and scenarios is that they all have strong demand for digitization. Based on digitization, they can develop more data capital for analysis and new growth models,” said Chen.

“In a word, JDD is committed to connecting technology, business and ecosystem. For financial services users, we are a friend who knows finance well. For financial institutions and industry, we are a friend who can bring them growth,” he said.