May 17, 2021|

JDers’ Videos Rewarded in “100 Reasons to Love Beijing” Competition


by Hui Zhang won both individual and group awards in a short video competition, “100 Reasons to Love Beijing”, hosted by the Beijing municipal government, at an award ceremony held in Beijing’s Forbidden City Museum on May 14.

Representatives from, China Radio International, Beijing International Studies University, Pubilicity Department of Beijing’s Dongcheng District, Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries rewarded as “Excellent Organizations”

JDer Ella Kidron’s video “Discovering Beijing’s Limitless Possibilities” and colleague Kelly Dawson’s video “Unexpected Beijing” won the Grand Prize and Third Prize at the competition, respectively. Kidron’s video was also rewarded  the only most innovative video award among all over 1000 entries. was rewarded as one of the “Excellent Organizations” attending the competition. Mr. Jiang Jianguo, minister of the State Information office, presented the Grand Prize Award to Kidron. Mr. Wang Xudong, curator of the Palace Museum who is a veteran scholar of Dunhuang Studies, also attended the event.

Ella Kidron on stage to receiving “Grand Award” 

The short video competition together with an essay contest with the theme of “100 Reasons to Love Beijing” has attracted over 1,000 foreign participants living in Beijing from about 100 countries. More than 100 short videos  were finally selected to be rewarded at the ceremony. The event was organized to give foreigners the opportunity to share their experiences of living in Beijing, and to express their feelings towards the city from their unique perspectives with different cultural backgrounds.

Performers on stage

Kidron fell in love with Beijing on her runs around the sprawling capitol city. As a native New Yorker and former athlete, her life can be hectic, and running has been a constant companion.

Ella Kidron

“My Beijing story and my love of athletics are deeply intertwined. When making this video, it was important to tell the story through sport, both in terms of what I have discovered and who I have met along the way. Forging friendships has given me a sense of belonging in a city over 10,000 km from where I grew up,” said Kidron.

Ella Kidron’s video “Discovering Beijing’s Limitless Possibilities”

Dawson’s life in Beijing has always been about the “nooks and crannies” that one discovers throughout the city. As the protagonist of this story, it is emblematic of one of her favorite hobbies, using her own lens to capture the unexpected throughout Beijing.

Kelly Dawson Receiving “Third Prize” on stage

“What I love most about Beijing is that it surprises me all the time. I’ve lived here for more than 6 years, and I still feel that it’s a place where I see things every day that I don’t see every day,” said Dawson. “I wanted to make this video for the competition as a kind of love letter to the city that I’ve called home these past years.”

In addition to Kidron and Dawson’s videos, also submitted 28 other videos with various themes to the competition. Among the 30 works submitted by JD, four of them were shortlisted for the 100 Outstanding Works in the competition.

Group photo

The organizing committee will translate the selected 100 videos into multiple languages, such as Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and Russian, and will promote the videos through various of social media platform including You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Ticktok, and etc.


(Banner photo: from left to right are Yuchuan Wang, Ella Kidron, Kelly Dawson, Hui Zhang responsible for JD’s International Corporate Affairs holding four prizes on April 15)