May 19, 2021|

JD Celebrates its Sixth Employee Appreciation Day


by Yuchuan Wang

Since 2016, JD has celebrated Employee Appreciation Day on May 19 each year, as the Chinese pronunciation of “519” is similar to “I want to be here a long time.” On this day, JD specifically honors its long-term employees, who are often referred to with special designations: 5-year veteran employees are known as “Dalao” (big brother, or sister), and 10-year veterans as “Super Dalao.” There are over 40,000 Dalaos and Super Dalaos at JD.

In order to express appreciation for employees’ efforts and dedication in supporting the development of the company, JD has launched a number of welfare initiatives to give JDers ease at work and a comfortable life.

JD has launched a number of welfare initiatives to give JDers ease at work and a comfortable life.

One example is JD’s Love Relief Fund, which was launched in 2010 and since then has provided nearly RMB 100 million yuan in financial aid for thousands of employees and their families in need. The scope of the aid covers employees or their family members suffering from serious diseases, employees’ death or disability, the educational expenses of their children, employee property protection insurance and more.

In 2012, the company established the Settlement Plan, which provides interest-free or low-interest loans of up to RMB 1.5 million yuan without a mortgage or guarantee to employees who want to purchase their first apartment in the city where they work. The company has provided over RMB 1.4 billion yuan in such loans to its employees, among many of who are frontline couriers or warehouse workers.

JD launched the welfare project of Extended Maternity Leave in 2015, providing 30 days of extra maternity leave for staff who meet age and year of employment requirements.

JD also operates the largest scale of shuttle buses for employee commuting. The headquarters have nearly 200 shuttle buses to provide services for almost 100 commuting routes for more than 30,000 employees. Each year, the buses commute over 80,000 times, covering over 4 million kilometers.

This philosophy of prioritizing people’s well-being has long been part of JD’s culture. As early as in 2003, when the company was just starting its business in Zhongguancun, the first 38 JD employees subsidized the expenses of 38 needy children in Jingle county, Shanxi province.