Apr 8, 2021|

Mo Yan’s New Audiobook Debuts at JD


by Vivian Yang

Mo Yan, the Chinese novelist and Nobel Laureate of Literature released the audiobook of his latest work “The Late Bloomer” exclusively via JD Books on Apr. 8. The print version which was put on market in August 2020 has been a hot sale on JD’s platform.

“The audiobook is a new attempt for Mo Yan. It also shows the virtuous circle of cooperation between the author and JD.com,” said Tao Wang, head of digital reading at JD Books.

The audible format marks a “childhood dream come true” for Mo Yan as he recounted in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech that when he was a boy he often acted as a storyteller to cheer up his mother.

JD Books invited China’s top-notch actors Mingjun Wang and Xiao Zeng for the 12-chapter audiobook production. Their measured tone and delivery bring the book to life, unfolding the stories and personas from the author’s hometown.

Meanwhile, along with the audiobook release, Mo Yan published “A Letter to the late bloomers” via JD’s platform in which he further elaborated on his understanding of “late bloomers” and sent his blessings and messages to young readers.

Mo Yan’s choice of JD Books as the exclusive partner to release his first audiobook is based on a solid foundation of cooperation. Last year, the author’s appearance on JD Books’ new book recommendation livestream program helped set up records, with more than 100,000 viewers in only 10 minutes and over 100,000 copies sold within 30 minutes.

JD’s reading app now has over 600,000 digital books and more than 500,000 hours of audio data, providing a one-stop reading platform that covers paper, digital, audio and e-learning content.